Elementor PRO & Astra PRO
for free ku každej objednávke

As our client, we can provide you with our Elementor Pro and astra Pro a license key for free.

Elementor PRO

Astra PRO

Just follow these
three steps

Just follow these three steps


1. Buy one of our products

Visit the extensive library with our quality products at reasonable prices and buy at least one template kit.


2. Submit the invoice

Submit the invoice you receive from us after purchasing at least one of our products


3. Licences activation

To activate the licenses, we will need access to the WordPress admin environment of your website.


Activation within 24h

Great support

100% satisfaction

Frequently asked questions

Does the bonus also contain plugins?

Yes. You will also receive a plugin necessary to use all Elementor and Astra’s functions for each purchase. Plugins are downloaded from the sources elementor.com and wpastra.com

What if I do not use the Astra theme?

It depends on you – whether you want to get a license key and plugin for Astra Pro. If you are satisfied with your theme, keep it. Our themes are compatible with every theme.

Can I get license keys without giving you WordPress credentials?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. We will need your WordPress credentials to install PRO plugins and licenses successfully.

Can I get license keys for more than one of my websites?

For purchasing one theme, you have the option to obtain one license key for Elementor and Astra. If you prefer license keys for multiple sites, you will need to purchase the required number of themes.

Do I get the keys after each purchase of your products?

Yes. You can get license keys and plugins for Elementor PRO and Astra PRO with each purchased theme.

Is it safe?

Of course. We process personal data within the GDPR. As for the security of installed plugins and licenses Elementor PRO and Astra PRO, they are downloaded directly from the original sources of the sites elementor.com and wpastra.com. Therefore no risk. Safety first.

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